Knowledge United | Global Training Solutions

About Us

The Training Advisors was founded with one goal in mind: to revolutionize the way enterprises manage their technical training.

We help organizations better manage training activities, quickly find the training they need, lower costs, and improve the value back to the IT stakeholders, all while make training acquisition easy and flexible.

What We Do?

We help individuals and corporate training managers find the right courses at the right time and at the most economical total cost. We take the hassle out the process by offering a full portfolio of scalable services at each stage of the learning lifecycle. We provide a broad array of vendors and training providers and a single point of contact to make Sourcing technology training easier.

Our Mission

We have been successful in this endeavor by taking a partner-focused approach in working with our clients. We help simplify the way an organization assesses, plans, implements and delivers training. We help you deliver, communicate and measure learning results better and more efficiently. Our extensive portfolio of learning services is custom fit to the individual needs of each client through all stages of the learning lifecycle. View more about the Training Advisors and how to reach us.

Our Approach


Every client’s needs are different so we start with understanding your goals and designing solutions that align with your objectives. Whether we are building a multi-year training plan, helping to improve budget allocation or customizing an onsite event, we start from the beginning every time to ensure that the plan is focused on delivering the most value every time. Because we work with all of the major technology vendors and have experience helping large enterprises manage their training, we provide insight into the latest technology and learning trends to help you plan better and more effectively.


Leverage our experienced delivery team and global training infrastructure to execute your plan. With our extensive network of learning resources we help manage delivery of learning in any way, shape or form including training delivery, logistics, evaluations, travel coordination, remote labs, and more. We ensure that your team delivers a professional, value-adding and cost effective service back to your stakeholders.


Our support services are designed to help you effectively manage your training plan, provide better service to your organization, increase visibility into budget spending and deliver quality outcomes. Let us assist your team by decreasing administrative costs and allow you to focus on learning strategies that benefit your business. Let us help improve your business processes by streamlining time consuming day-to-day tasks and reducing overhead.A learning program is only as good as its team. Our support services help you decrease administration and increase focus on your learning strategy. Let us help improve your business processes by alleviating time consuming day-to-day tasks.