Angular in a Nutshell: Infographic covering Angular 4 to AngularJS

Jun 15,2017

‚ÄčThe Training Advisors offer Angular 4 classes that teach you the latest version of this single page application. Here's a timeline of the versions as they evolved from AngularJS in 2012 to the most recent version released in 2017.

angular 4 angular 2 angularjs infographic

SEO for Angular Apps

Jun 08,2017

‚ÄčThere are pros and cons to everything. In the case of single page applications such as Angular 4, you have the potential to provide a better user experience. However, staying on top of search engines and boosting SEO for Angular apps

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What's New in Angular 4

Jun 01,2017

Angular 4.0 is now available and this major release is chock full of improvements that are guaranteed to reduce file size and increase performance.

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