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Managed Learning

Managed Learning Services

The Training Advisors can provide full service support with proven learning expertise and battle-tested resources you need for execution. Our experienced Managed Services team will partner with you to deliver the highest level of account service and advisory. Whether you need end-to-end learning management, specific ine of business support, or assistance with implementation of best practices, we can customize our services to your staffing needs.

Without fail, every driven organization has larger plans and more tasks than the people or resources they have to fulfill them, and often this makes training a secondary priority.

Get the assistance you need, when you need it, through the Training Advisors’ Managed Services. You now have access to a world-class team of learning experts to cover you in your time of need. Best of all a number of these services are included complimentary for Enterprise+ clients and Universal Learning Pack organizations.

Services include:

  • Managing one-time engagements
  • Turnkey training automation and branding
  • Virtual classroom deployment, management, and hosting
  • Facility Management
  • Global training fulfillment and help desk services
  • General Learning Execution and Deployment
  • Reporting and Measurement
  • Quality Assurance, Post-course collection and reporting
  • Vendor Evaluation and consolidation