Here at The Training Advisors, we are committed constantly improving and aiding our clients in their continued education and growth. We are also committed to our community and especially the learning community. As providers of continued education and learning, we place a strong value on the advancement and education of our future leaders. We understand the cost of education and the sacrifices made for future advancement. In an effort to ease the cost and allow for the focus to remain on continued education and advancement, we are offering the The Training Advisors Scholarship.

About the Training Advisors

We are an IT Training company. We provide continued education to professionals. Aiding IT professionals in certification and certification path advancement. Some examples of some of IT Certifications that we are offer are, RHCSA Certification, MCSA Certification, AWS Certification, just to name a few. We are here to aid future IT and business professionals in their pursuit of a degree from an accredited institution and hopefully beyond. 

Scholarship Eligibility

  • All current or prospective students enrolled in an accredited institution located within the United States.

Scholarship Deadline

  • This is an ongoing scholarship. The biannual deadlines are:
  • Fall Term : December 11th
  • Spring Term: July 15th 

Scholarship Amount:

  • $1000 offered semi-annually


Submit Your Application

  • 1. Select one of the below certifications or courses from our website. Write a 500-1,000 word essay about the class or certification and the importance this class could have for future IT professionals.
  • 2. Write a similar length essay about Blockchain Technology and the importance it has on the future. This topic is large and should be rather quick to educate yourself on. You can start here at the blockchain training alliance and get more information about the new and exciting technology.

Certifications and Courses:

  1. Angular - Coding for Mobile and Web Apps
  2. Amazon Web Services - Cloud Computing and Data Storage
  3. Red Hat Certfication - RHCSA - Certified System Administration

  • By submitting your essay, you agree to our terms, namely all the rights of ownership to The Training Advisors, regardless if you are selected as the scholarship recipient or not. We reserve the right to republish all submitted essays.
  • Only your email and phone number will be used to contact you concerning the scholarship. We will not provide this information to any 3rd party. Your name and the name of your school may be used if you are selected as a prizewinner, or if you are part of our honorable mentions.
  • If you do not fill out all necessary information you will forfeit your consideration for this scholarship.
  • As previously mentioned, if you are selected as the prizewinner, we will contact you through email or phone, and the award will be sent to your accredited institution.
  • If you are selected as the scholarships winner, we will contact you for a profile photo to be included with your scholarship on our scholarship page.
  • Any questions or concerns feel free to email us at or call toll free at 1-855-515-2170

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