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Training Policy

The Training Advisor's Training Policy

The policies below apply to ALL training, packages, and certifications offered by the Training Advisors. By enrolling in a class, you are agreeing to accept these policies.

Cancellation / Rescheduling by the Student

Notice of cancellation/reschedule more than fifteen (15) full business days prior to class start date is eligible for full refund or reschedule without penalty.

Notice of cancellation/reschedule on or after the fifteenth (15th) full business day prior to class start date is not eligible for refund and is subject to approval and a reschedule penalty may apply.

To request a reschedule within 15 business days a future date must be identified immediately. In the event the request is accepted the rescheduled date is limited to one time and for only the same course at the same location. The new course must begin up to a maximum of six months from the original course date.

For no-shows, payment is non-refundable. "No Shows" is defined as the student does not show up on the date the course starts, and there was no prior communication from the student to cancel or reschedule the course.

Substitution of Students

Substitutions of one student for another for a specific enrollment are accepted with at least two days notice before the class begins, provided the substitute meets the course prerequisites.

Cancellation by the Training Advisors or It's Partners

The Training Advisors or it's delivery partners may cancel or reschedule any class and will attempt to provide at least fifteen (15) business days notice when canceling or rescheduling. At customer's direction, the Training Advisors or its delivery partners will refund to tuition for the canceled class or credit the fees toward the fees chargeable for the rescheduled Class.

Travel arrangements are the student's responsibility and the Training Advisors assume no liability for any costs, including non-refundable tickets, that may be incurred in the unlikely event of a course cancellation or rescheduling.

Training can be cancelled without prior warning, and money refunded to participants if any of the following events affect delivery of a particular training class: severe inclement weather, natural or local disaster, power outage, airline strike.

Oracle 100% Student Satisfaction Program

Oracle's 100% Student Satisfaction program applies to those publicly scheduled and publicly available Oracle University Instructor Led Training classes that are identified as part of the 100% Student Satisfaction program on the website at the time the class is purchased. In the event that a student who has completed such a class and been present for all of the offering is not, in his/her reasonable opinion, satisfied with the class, then the student must notify Oracle by emailing within 5 business days of the completion of the class. Oracle will then permit the student to retake the same version of the same class title (or at the student's option, the equivalent class provided online, if available) once more for free within 90 days of Oracle's receipt of the notification (or if it is not available during such 90 day period, as soon as the class is available thereafter at the same location or within 50 miles therefrom). The Student Satisfaction program does not apply: (i) to the retaken class; (ii) if the student is not able to satisfy the above criteria for reasons beyond Oracle's reasonable control. Oracle is not responsible for any applicable taxes, transportation costs, lodging costs or other expenses or costs related to the retake. Oracle has the option, at its sole discretion, of providing a refund for the class fees in lieu of permitting a class retake if for any reason, including scheduling, Oracle considers a refund to be appropriate. This is the sole remedy and Oracle's exclusive liability in the event that a student is not satisfied with the class.

Cisco Learning Credits

Customers can redeem Cisco Learning Credits with any of our Authorized Cisco training courses. We will need you to provide your Cisco Sales Order # (SO#). We will verify the credits are valid and not expired. Contact us to today.