AS Java - Administration

Code: ADM800v16

5 days

List Tuition : $3,750.00 USD

Course Overview

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In this course, you will learn the various tasks of the system administration for systems based on SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java 7.40. You will also learn about the basic activities that affect SAP NetWeaver AS Java 7.40.

This course deals with the basic activities that affect SAP NetWeaver AS Java 7.31. However, no application-specific or product-specific activities are covered. This course is based on software release SAP NetWeaver AS 7.40.

  • Help desk / COE support
  • System administrator
  • System architect
  • Technology consultant
  • Architecture of SAP NetWeaver AS Java
  • Start and stop SAP NetWeaver AS Java
  • Carry out basic configurations for SAP NetWeaver AS Java
  • Classify network security concepts
  • Set up SSL encryption for SAP NetWeaver AS Java
  • Architecture of the user management engine
  • Configure the user management engine
  • Carry out user and authorization maintenance
  • Standard logon procedure of SAP NetWeaver AS Java
  • Maintain destinations and the JCo RFC Provider
  • Architecture and the tasks of the SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure
  • Process flow of the development process using the SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure
  • Options for monitoring SAP NetWeaver AS Java
  • Connect SAP NetWeaver AS Java to a central Monitoring system
  • Monitoring and logging data using the SAP NetWeaver Administrator
  • Implement corrections for SAP NetWeaver AS Java

1. Fundamental Concepts of Java

  • Describing the Fundamental Concepts of Java
  • Describing the Architecture of the SAP NetWeaver AS
  • Outlining the Java Cluster Architecture
  • Describing the Internal Structure of AS Java
  • Evaluating Load Balancing Options in the AS Java Environment

2. AS Java Start and Stop Procedures

  • Starting and Stopping an AS Java
  • Evaluating the Tools for Starting and Stopping SAP Systems
  • Operating the Java Startup and Control Framework
  • Analyzing the Logs of Start and Stop Processes of AS Java

3. AS Java Basic Configuration

  • Identifying Administration Tools Used in Configuration
  • Maintaining the Basic Configuration of AS Java with the Config Tool
  • Configuring AS Java with SAP NetWeaver Administrator
  • Configuring the Properties of the Central Services Instance
  • Administering the ICM Process

4. Infrastructure Security

  • Describing Network Security
  • Setting up SSL

5. User and Authorization Administration

  • Configuring the User Management Engine (UME)
  • Maintaining Users and Groups
  • Managing Java Authorization
  • Administrating Special Principles
  • Configuring the Logon Procedure of the AS Java

6. Java Connectors and Destinations

  • Creating Connections to Other Systems
  • Creating Connections to Other Systems with the Java Connector Architecture

7. Change Management and Software Logistics

  • Structuring the Java Development Approach
  • Describing the Components of SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure
  • Developing and Releasing Java Changes with SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure
  • Transporting Java Developments

8. Monitoring

  • Monitoring AS Java
  • Connecting to a Central Monitoring System
  • Configuring Availability Monitoring
  • Viewing and Configuring the Log and Trace Files
  • Monitoring a System with SAP Solution Manager

9. Software Maintenance

  • Preparing for Software Maintenance
  • Describing Java Support Packages, Stacks, and Patches
  • Deploying Corrections with Software Update Manager (SUM) for AS Java
  • Deploying Java Archives with Alternative Tools
  • Outlining the Backup Strategy for AS Java

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