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Advanced Angular 4

Code: ANG-JS-172

2 days

List Tuition : $1,595.00 USD

Course Overview

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Advanced Angular 4 training teaches developers with some Angular experience how to take advantage of the framework’s more sophisticated features.

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Students with some Angular experience how to take advantage of the framework’s more sophisticated features.

All students will learn how to:

  • Unit test all the parts of an Angular application including Modules, Components, Services, and Pipes
  • Upgrade an existing application from AngularJS to Angular 4 over time by running both frameworks in the same project
  • Create, build, and deploy an Angular (Angular 4) application using the Angular CLI
  • Develop dynamic Model-driven forms that are easier to unit test



  • Tools: Jasmine, Karma
  • Jasmine Syntax: describe, it, beforeEach, afterEach, matchers
  • Setup and your First Test
  • Testing Terminology: Mock, Stub, Spy, Fakse
  • Angular Testing Terminology: TestBed, ComponentFixture, debugElement, async, fakeAsync, tick, inject
  • Simple Component Test
  • Detecting Component Changes
  • Testing a Component with properties (inputs) and events (outputs)
  • Testing a Component that uses the Router
  • Testing a Component that depends on a Service using a Spy
  • Testing a Component that depends on a Service using a Fake
  • Testing a Service and Mocking its Http requests
  • Testing a Pipe


  • How to Prevent Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
  • Trusting values with the DOMSanitizer
  • HTTP Attacks
  • Security Audits of Angular Applications

Advanced Components

  • Component Styles using MetaData properties: Styles and StyleUrls
  • Change Detection Strategies
  • Component Lifecycle Hooks

Advanced Routing

  • Lazy-loading Angular Modules
  • Location Strategies
  • Nested or Child Routes
  • Route Guards

Advanced Dependency Injection

  • Providers
  • Using the @Optional and @Host Decorators

Model-driven Forms (Reactive Forms)

  • ReactiveFormsModule
  • AbstractControl, FormControl, FormGroup, and FormArray
  • FormBuilder
  • Validators

Attribute Directives

  • Creating a custom Attribute Directive using ElementRef, Render


  • Built-in Pipes: Using, Passing Parameters, Chaining
  • Creating a custom Pipe using PipeTransform
  • Understanding Pure and Impure Pipes

Creating, Building, and Deploying an Angular Application

  • Manually
  • Using the Angular CLI with Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) Compilation and Tree-Shaking (removing unused library code)

Upgrade Strategies from AngularJS

  • Preparing your AngularJS Project
  • Angular 4 and AngularJS together


  • Redux Basics
  • Debugging and Time Traveling with Redux DevTools


All attendees must have strong prior JavaScript experience and experience with Angular equivalent to Intro to Angular 4 training.

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