Introduction to Angular 4

Code: ANG-JS-171

3 days

List Tuition : $1,595.00 USD

Course Overview

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Introduction to Angular 4 training teaches developers how to use the newest version of Angular to facilitate development of rich application experiences that are responsive and functional across a full range of platforms, from desktop to phone.

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Developers looking to learn how to use the newest version of Angular to facilitate development of rich application experiences that are responsive and functional across a full range of platforms, from desktop to phone.

All students will learn to:

  • Understand how Angular is different than traditional web development frameworks
  • Code using new ES6 and TypeScript language features
  • Develop an application from scratch using Angular 4
  • Explore Angular coding and architecture best practices
  • Understand and use Angular Forms, Observables, Dependency Injection, and Routing
  • Retrieve, update, and delete data using Angular’s Http service


Why Angular 4?

  • User Experience similar to a Desktop Application
  • Productivity and Tooling
  • Performance
  • Community
  • Full-featured Framework
  • Platform for Targeting Native Mobile not just Web Browsers

Understanding Angular Versions

  • AngularJS (Angular 1.x)
  • Angular

Understanding Angular 4

  • Drop-in replacement for Angular 2

Angular 4 Features

  • View Engine generates smaller code
  • Enhanced *ngIf syntax
  • Animation code now in own packages
  • TypeScript 2.1
  • Improved compiler speed
  • Angular Universal
  • Flat ESModules

TypeScript and ECMAScript 6 (ES6) Fundamentals

  • Classes
  • ES Modules
  • Arrow Functions
  • Template Literals
  • Scoping using Let and Const Keywords
  • Spread Syntax and Rest Parameters
  • Destructuring
  • Decorators (JavaScript Aspect-Oriented Programming)

Angular 4 Basics

  • Components


  • Modules
  • Models
  • Template Syntax
  • HTML in templates
  • Interpolation
  • Binding syntax
  • Property binding
  • Event binding
  • Two-way data binding
  • Attribute, class, and style bindings
  • Built-in Directives
  • Template Input Variables
  • The NgSwitch Directives
  • Template Reference Variables
  • Input and output properties
  • Template Expression Operators
  • Pipe ( | )
  • Safe Navigation Operator ( ?. )


  • Implementing the Component Lifecycle Hook OnInit
  • Component Communication


  • Using a services to access data
  • Using a service to encapsulate business logic
  • Using a service to configure your application
  • Using a service for logging

Dependency Injection

  • Understanding Dependency Injection
  • Angular’s Dependency Injection System
  • Registering
  • Injecting
  • Hierarchical Injection

Template-driven Forms

  • NgSubmit Directive
  • FormsModule
  • NgForm, NgModel, and NgModelGroup Directives

Validation Directives

  • Displaying validation messages
  • Styling validation messages

Communicating with the Server using the Http Service

  • Deciding between Promises or Observables (RxJS)
  • Making Http GET Requests
  • Making Http POST and PUT Requests
  • Issuing a Http DELETE Request
  • WebSockets


  • Importing the RouterModule and Routes
  • Configuring Routes
  • Displaying Components using a RouterOutlet
  • Navigating with RouterLink and RouterLinkActive Directives or the Router
  • Accessing parameters using ActivedRoute
  • Organizing your code into Modules


All attendees must have substantial prior experience developing with JavaScript. If attendees will not have prior JavaScript experience, we would be delighted to precede this class with a one- or two-day intensive JavaScript primer.

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