Advanced C++ Programming and the Standard Template Library (STL)

Code: TTE9755

4 days

List Tuition : $2,595.00 USD

Course Overview

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The C++ Standard Template Library (STL) is a general-purpose library of generic algorithms and data structures. This course is an intermediate-to-advanced level, hands-on programming course that thoroughly explores all of the STL components. Its purpose is to make a programming task much easier by providing extensive components that can be combined in an application. It also provides a framework into which different programming problems can be dissected.

  • Experienced C++ programmers who desire higher-level technical detail
  • Anyone desiring the ability to read and understand complex C++ programs for maintenance or learning purposes
  • Overview of C++ and the STL
  • Data structures of the STL
  • Containers, iterators, and algorithms
  • Connecting algorithms to containers using STL iterators
  • Principles of generic programming

1. Brief: Overview of C++

  • Overview of STL Components
  • Containers
  • Generic Algorithms
  • Iterators
  • Function Objects

2. Iterators

  • Input Iterators
  • Output Iterators
  • Forward Iterators
  • Bi-directional Iterators
  • Random Access Iterators
  • Constant Versus Mutable Iterator Types
  • Iterator Categories Provided by STL Containers

3. Generic Algorithms

  • Sorting-Related Algorithms

4. Sequence Containers

  • Vectors
  • Deques
  • Lists

5. Function Objects

  • What are Function Objects?
  • How Function Objects Differ from Function Pointers
  • STL-Provided Function Objects
  • A three-month minimum of practical programming experience in C++
  • Prior experience with the compiler used in the lab is helpful but not required
  • Skills or training equivalent to these courses:

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