MongoDB for .NET Developers

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4 days

List Tuition : $2,495.00 USD

Course Overview

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This course is a deep exploration of building applications in MongoDB. There are many benefits to choosing a NoSQL database over traditional RDMBSs such as SQL Server or Oracle.

In this course, you will learn the benefits of using a NoSQL database by exploring the native query language and capabilities of MongoDB. You will work with MongoDB from our .NET applications and look at several topics that explore the advanced aspects of the MongoDB .NET API including MongoDB from .NET, and advanced serialization in .NET, untyped API in .NET via BSON documents. You will learn how to leverage the immense scalability of MongoDB using the aggregation framework, replica sets, and sharding. You will discover how to store and manage files of virtually unlimited size in MongoDB using GridFS. Learn to properly design your entities and documents (both natively and in C#) along with server administration for developers, security, and permissions.

Note: Some of the topics covered in this course are technology agnostic (for example, the native query lesson is equality applicable to .NET developers as well as Python developers) and some are specifically optimized for .NET developers (for example advanced serialization in .NET).

Note: You are required to bring your own laptop.

  • Developers who want to build applications in .NET which use MongoDB as a backend database for their applications
  • Benefits of NoSQL as your database
  • MongoDB shell and native query language and capabilities
  • Work with MongoDB from .NET and LINQ
  • Design your classes and entities to take full advantage of MongoDB
  • Build and tune high performance applications with indexing and profiling
  • Use the extensive .NET serialization API to go between .NET and MongoDB
  • Work with the file system (GridFS) within MongoDB from .NET
  • Answer complex questions while leveraging MongoDB's scalability using the aggregation framework
  • Getting the most from MongoDB servers
  • Scale out using sharding and replica sets
  • Add security and permissions to MongoDB

1. Why NoSQL and Why MongoDB?

2. The Shell and Native Commands

3. MongoDB from .NET

4. Entity Design

5. Indexing and Profiling

6. Advanced C# Serialization

7. Working Directly with Documents in C#

8. GridFS

9. Aggregation Framework

10. Server Administration for Developers

11. Replication

12. Security and Permissions

  • Experience with C# and .NET

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