MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development

Code: 3212

6 days

List Tuition : $4,095.00 USD

Course Overview

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The MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development Certification validates your skills in building and implementing databases across organizations, and will qualify you for a position as a database developer. The Boot Camp provides students hands-on experience with SQL Server 2016 and highlights what is new in SQL Server 2016 in comparison to SQL Server 2012/2014. It provides guidance on querying and designing objects for SQL Server 2016.

Two Exam Vouchers are Included (Unlimited Retakes)

  • Exam 70-761 Querying Data with Transact-SQL
  • Exam 70-762 Developing SQL Databases

This course incorporates content from Microsoft Official Courses (MOC):

  • Developing SQL Databases (20762B)
  • Querying Data with Transact-SQL (20761B)

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The primary audience for this course is individuals who have a Working knowledge of relational databases and a Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system and its core functionality.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the basic architecture and concepts of Microsoft SQL Server 2016.
  • Understand the similarities and differences between Transact-SQL and other computer languages.
  • Write SELECT queries
  • Query multiple tables
  • Sort and filter data
  • Describe the use of data types in SQL Server
  • Modify data using Transact-SQL
  • Use built-in functions
  • Group and aggregate data
  • Use subqueries
  • Use table expressions
  • Use set operators
  • Use window ranking, offset and aggregate functions
  • Implement pivoting and grouping sets
  • Execute stored procedures
  • Program with T-SQL
  • Implement error handling
  • Implement transactions
  • Design and Implement Tables.
  • Describe advanced table designs
  • Ensure Data Integrity through Constraints.
  • Describe indexes, including Optimized and Columnstore indexes
  • Design and Implement Views.
  • Design and Implement Stored Procedures.
  • Design and Implement User Defined Functions.
  • Respond to data manipulation using triggers.
  • Design and Implement In-Memory Tables.
  • Implement Managed Code in SQL Server.
  • Store and Query XML Data.
  • Work with Spatial Data.
  • Store and Query Blobs and Text Documents.
  • Microsoft Certified Trainers
  • Microsoft Official Course Material
    • Developing SQL Databases (20762B)
    • Querying Data with Transact-SQL (20761B)
  • Exam Voucher(s) Included with Class
    • Exam 70-761 Querying Data with Transact-SQL
    • Exam 70-762 Developing SQL Databases
  • Exam Pass Guarantee: Unlimited Retakes Until You Pass the Exam
  • Work in virtual labs that provide real-world experience
  • For Virtual Classes Learn at your own pace from your home, office, or any place that has an Internet connection
  • Repeat part or all of the class at no additional cost, often for up to a year
  • Work in virtual labs that provide real-world experience
  • Certification of Completion at the End of Class
  • Water, Soda, and Snacks Provided in Class
  • Time intensive accelerated training for teams with budget and time
  • Access to practice labs after the class

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