Microsoft Specialist: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Boot Camp

Code: 4480

5 days

List Tuition : $3,140.00 USD

Course Overview

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This immersive and extended-hour boot camp, led by Azure experts, will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to take existing ASP.NET MVC application and expand its functionality to the Microsoft Azure platform. You will then capitalize on those skills and accelerate your Azure experience at the end of each day.

The evening hours of this boot camp are designed to reinforce what was learned during the day through targeted real-world scenarios, guided group exercises, and competency-based challenges. These activities will help you understand how to best address this ever changing cloud service and how to immediately apply Azure best practices to your enterprise environment.

Additionally, this boot camp will assist in your Microsoft Specialist 70-532 exam preparation, as the scenarios address specific exam objectives. You will also receive the exam voucher required for certification, along with one free retake voucher if needed. It also includes access to our Microsoft Boot Camp Exclusives, providing indispensable certification exam prep.

  • Developers who want to learn how to take an existing ASP.NET MVC applications and expand functionality to the Microsoft Azure platform and who want to prepare their Microsoft Azure Developer Specialist certification in an accelerated format
  • Services available in the Azure platform
  • Configure and deploy ASP.NET web applications
  • Create Azure Websites from the gallery
  • Deploy and monitor Azure Websites
  • Create and configure Azure Virtual Machines
  • Cloud services and virtual machine relationships
  • Deploy existing cloud service packages
  • Create, configure, and connect to a SQL database instance
  • Importing a SQL standalone database
  • Create a test environment using PowerShell and the Azure Service Management CmdLets
  • Integrate ASP.NET Identity for the administration portal with Azure Active Directory
  • Deploy the web application projects to Azure
  • 1. Overview of the Microsoft Azure Platform

    • Azure Services
    • Management Portals

    2. Building Application Infrastructure in Azure

    • Construct Azure Virtual Machines
    • Azure Virtual Machine Workloads
    • Migrate Azure Virtual Machine Instances
    • Using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to Connect to a Virtual Machine

    3. Hosting Web Applications on the Azure Platform

    • Host Web Applications in Azure
    • Configure, Publish, and Manage Azure Websites
    • Monitoring and Analyzing Running Azure Websites

    4. Storing SQL Data in Azure

    • Storing SQL Data in Azure
    • Managing SQL Databases in Azure
    • Azure SQL Database Tools
    • Securing and Recovering an Azure SQL Database Instance

    5. Design Cloud Applications for Resiliency

    • Application Design Practices for Highly Available Applications
    • Build High Performance Applications using ASP.NET
    • Common Cloud Application Patterns
    • Cache Application Data

    6. Storing Tabular Data in Azure

    • Azure Storage Tables Overview
    • Table Entity Transactions

    7. Storing and Consuming Files from Azure Storage

    • Storage Blobs
    • Controlling Access to Storage Blobs and Containers
    • Monitor Storage Blobs
    • Configure Azure Storage Accounts
      Azure Files

    8. Designing a Communication Strategy Using Queues and Service Bus

    • Queue Mechanisms in Azure
    • Azure Service Bus, Bus Queues, Bus Relay, and Bus Notification Hubs

    9. Automate Integration with Azure Resources

    • Azure SDK Client Libraries
    • Scripting Azure Service Management Using PowerShell
    • Azure REST Interface and Resource Manager

    10. Securing Azure Web Applications

    • Azure Active Directory
    • Azure AD Directories, AD Access Control Service, and AD Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Note: Given the dynamic nature of Microsoft cloud tools, you may experience changes in the interface that do not match up with courseware. Your instructor will always teach to the latest release, and guide you through the updates as needed.
      Lab 1: Using the Azure Preview Portal
      Lab 2: Create an Azure Virtual Machine for Development and Testing
      Lab 3: Create an ASP.NET Website using Azure Web Apps
      Lab 4: Store Event Data in Azure SQL
      Lab 5: Storing Event Registration Data in Azure Storage Tables
      Lab 6: Store Generated Documents in Azure Storage Blobs
      Lab 7: Using Storage Queues to Manage Requests between Web Applications in Azure
      Lab 8: Automating the Creation of Azure Assets using PowerShell and xPlat CLI
      Lab 9: Integrating Azure Active Directory with the Events Administration Portal
    • Experience with the Microsoft Azure platform that includes a basic understanding of its services including implementation and monitoring
    • Experience in building vertically scaled applications
    • Experience with ASP.NET and C#

      Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (M10979)

    • Microsoft Certified Trainers
    • Microsoft Official Course Material
    • Exam Voucher(s) Included with Class
    • Exam Pass Guarantee: Unlimited Retakes Until You Pass the Exam
    • Work in virtual labs that provide real-world experience
    • For Virtual Classes Learn at your own pace from your home, office, or any place that has an Internet connection
    • Repeat part or all of the class at no additional cost, often for up to a year
    • Work in virtual labs that provide real-world experience
    • Certification of Completion at the End of Class
    • Water, Soda, and Snacks Provided in Class
    • Time intensive accelerated training for teams with budget and time
    • Access to practice labs after the class

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