OCDCU v2.0 - Fundamentals of Deploying OpenStack Cloud

Code: 1842

4 days

List Tuition : $3,895.00 USD

Course Overview

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In this course, you will learn about the components and procedures needed to install, configure, and deploy OpenStack Cloud using Cisco Unified Computing System hardware. This course will provide hands-on lab exercises utilizing Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) hardware. You will perform hands-on lab exercises that were created to teach the necessary skills to install, configure, and deploy an OpenStack Cloud on Cisco UCS hardware.

  • Network and server deployment engineers
  • Network and server deployment design engineers
  • Program managers and project managers
  • Business advantages of an OpenStack Cloud
  • Function of an OpenStack Cloud
  • Cisco's UCS Accelerator Paks for OpenStack deployments
  • Services in OpenStack (Keystone, Nova, Glance, Cinder, Neutron, Swift, Trove, Ceilometer, Heat, and Horizon)
  • Additional services of OpenStack Cloud
  • Install the appropriate services for an OpenStack Cloud in a Multi-node deployment
  • Create Virtual Machines using OpenStack

1. Course Introduction

  • Overview
  • Course Goal and Objectives
  • Course Flow

2. Cloud Fundamentals

  • Cloud Computing Definition
  • Cloud Computing Key Concepts
  • CapEx vs. OpEx
  • Three Types of Cloud Service

3. OpenStack Fundamentals

  • Overview
  • Orchestration
  • Openstack Release Timeline
  • OpenStack Components
  • Messaging
  • Cloud Orchestration Tools

4. Keystone

  • Overview
  • Keystone Architecture
  • Keystone Components
  • Keystone Concepts
  • Keystone Installation

5. Glance

  • Overview
  • Glance- Architecture
  • Glance Components
  • Glance Concepts
  • Glance Installation

6. Neutron

  • Overview
  • Neutron Architecture
  • Neutron Components
  • Neutron Concepts
  • Neutron Installation

7. Nova

  • Overview
  • Nova - Architecture
  • Nova Components
  • Nova Concepts: VM Instances
  • Nova Installation

8. Cinder

  • Overview
  • Cinder Architecture
  • Cinder Components
  • Cinder Concepts
  • Cinder Installation

9. Horizon

  • Overview
  • Horizon - Architecture
  • Horizon Concepts
  • Horizon Installation

10. Operating

  • Overview
  • Keystone Identity Provisioning
  • Glance Image Provisioning
  • Neutron Network Provisioning
  • Cinder Volume Provisioning
  • Nova Instance Provisioning

11. Swift

  • Overview
  • Swift - Architecture
  • Swift Components
  • Swift Installation
  • Swift Provisioning

12. Ceilometer

  • Overview
  • Ceilometer Architecture
  • Ceilometer Components
  • Ceilometer Concepts
  • Ceilometer Installation

13. Heat

  • Overview
  • Heat - Architecture
  • Heat Components
  • Heat Concepts
  • Heat Installation

14. Trove

  • Overview
  • Trove Architecture
  • Trove Components
  • Trove Concepts

15. Cisco UCS Accelerator Packs

  • Overview
  • UCS Accelerator Paks Benefits
  • Accelerator Paks Configurations
  • Solution Components
  • Internetworking fundamentals
  • Basic Linux skills
  • Basic server virtualization technology familiarity
  • Basic server implementation knowledge
  • Basic familiarity with the function of Rabbit MQ
  • Basic familiari

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