Docker Fundamentals Plus Enterprise Operations Course Bundle

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4 days

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Course Overview

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Docker Training is here. Learn the leading software container platform in this Docker course. This intense and rapid training includes the complete Docker for Enterprise Operations course in addition to the Docker Fundamentals prerequisite.

Students will learn:

  • background and methodology for containerization on a single Docker node
  • steps to orchestrate a basic container
  • how to pool together Docker across multiple nodes in a simple swarm cluster. 
  • many advanced Docker EE features including how to apply them at scale with enterprise workloads

This course is designed for IT professionals with an operations or system administration background seeking an intense and rapid launchpad to Docker technologies including gaining a strong foundation in Docker technologies and an understanding of designing, deploying, and managing Docker containers at scale in an enterprise environment.

  • What Docker is and how Docker can modernize the software supply-chain
  • Conceptualize a mental model for Docker workflow
  • Foundations of Docker security and apply secrets management
  • Foundations of containerization on a single Docker node
  • Dockerize an application by writing Dockerfiles
  • Create and manage images
  • Apply a basic continuous integration model for Docker
  • Usage of volumes
  • Apply concepts of the Docker networking model
  • Write stack-based compose files
  • How Swarm works
  • Deploy a swarm application and scale it out
  • Apply common Swarm operations
  • Common Architecture decision points and their impacts to operations
  • Install Docker Datacenter with UCP and DTR with High Availability and Replicas
  • Deploy services in UCP
  • Deploy a multi-node application
  • Setup and manage role based access control
  • Manage DTR by creating public and private repositories
  • Apply Content Trust and image signing with Notary
  1. The Docker Story
  2. Introduction to Images
  3. Creating Images
  4. Managing Images
  5. Docker Continuous Integration
  6. Volumes
  7. Docker Networking Basics
  8. Docker Compose
  9. Scaling Out with Swarm Mode
  10. Swarm Operations
  11. Managing Secrets
  12. Installing UCP
  13. UCP Architecture
  14. Introduction to Docker Datacenter
  15. Docker Engine Swarm Mode
  16. Deploying Services in UCP
  17. UCP Networking and Load Balancing
  18. Deploying Applications across Multiple Nodes
  19. Backwards Compatibility with classic Swarm
  20. UCP User Management
  21. UCP Role Based Access Control
  22. LDAP Integration
  23. Basic Troubleshooting
  24. Installing Docker Trusted Registry
  25. DTR Overview
  26. Creating Public and Private DTR Repositories
  27. DTR Access Control
  28. Content Trust and Imaging Signing with Notary
  29. Designing a DDC Deployment

Familiarity with Linux command line.

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