SAPUI5 User Experience Development

Code: SAPX05v10

3 days

List Tuition : $1,800.00 USD

Course Overview

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This course is designed to give you a foundational understanding of the SAPUI5 framework. Upon completion of this course, you will gain experience with the framework and the tools needed to develop SAP Fiori-like desktop and mobile applications that adhere to the SAP's User Experience design strategy. The development of applications will be performed on both the Eclipse and SAP Web IDE platforms to give you a variety of options in you own development efforts.

This course is based on software release SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7 and NW7.40. It also has a SAPUI5 component.

  • Business process owner / team lead / power user
  • Developer
  • Developer consultant
  • Technology consultant
  • Perform design decisions for SAPUI5 desktop and mobile applications
  • Develop desktop and mobile applications using the SAP SAPUI5 framework, Eclipse, and SAP Web IDE
  • Create the necessary HANA Cloud Platform account to configure HCPms

1. SAPUI5 Overview

  • SAP User Experience
  • SAPUI5 Architecture

2. SAPUI5 Development Options

  • Working with SAPUI5 in Eclipse
  • Setting up a HANA Cloud Platform Account
  • Basics of SAP WEB IDE

3. SAPUI5 Project Basics

  • Model View Controller (MVC) Design Pattern
  • Creating a WEB IDE Project
  • Applying SAPUI5 Programming Basics

4. SAPUI5 Controls

  • SAPUI5 UI Controls

5. SAPUI5 Application Debugging

  • Using Browser-Based Debugging Tools
  • Available SAPUI5 Documentation
  • SAP Web IDE Code Assist

6. Layouts and Custom Controls

  • Using Layouts and UI Areas
  • Creating Custom Controls

7. Data Handling

  • Model Types
  • Performing Binding Operations
  • Performing Property Binding Operations
  • Performing Advanced Binding Techniques
  • Performing OData Query Options
  • Performing Common Data Operations: Format
  • Performing Common Data Operations: Sort and Filter
  • Performing Common Data Operations: Calculated Fields and Data Validation

8. Additional SAPUI5 Development Features

  • Working with Resources
  • Building Apps Using Modularization
  • Performing Application Localization
  • Working with Components
  • Working with Charts
  • Using Third-party Libraries
  • Optimizing SAPUI5 Apps

9. SAPUI5 Branding

  • Using Themes in SAPUI5
  • Adding Styles to an Application
  • SAPX04 or equivalent JavaScript and HTML5 experience
  • Familiarity with object-oriented programming is helpful but not required

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