Collaborative Leadership Skills for Managers

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Course Overview

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Why become a collaborative leader? Because it gives you the ability to break down silos to create an energetic department and team that has better business results.

This seminar will give you the skills to be an adaptive manager-someone who can create clarity and vision and build mutual trust with your team and other departments. You will learn how to inspire optimal performance from team members and help bring out their strongest talents.

How You Will Benefit

  • Become more effective by enabling each team member to share ideas and generate solutions
  • Remove roadblocks that prevent employees from doing their best work
  • Enhance team creativity and involvement without expensive programs or initiatives
  • Differentiate yourself and become more influential in your organization
  • Help increase employee retention and engagement
  • Develop a mindset that can increase your innovation skills and produce new ideas
  • Provide greater opportunities for employees to own and implement their ideas
  • Reduce performance issues by increasing employee involvement and leadership skills

Mid-level managers who want and need to inspire greater involvement, innovation, and business results from their direct reports, colleagues, and stakeholders

  • Customize your management style to encourage employees to find their own answers to business challenges
  • Create a culture that fosters involvement from all employees and helps break down silos and isolationism
  • Embrace social media to enhance discussions, obtain recommendations and information, and network and establish relevance
  • Discover the benefits and virtues of over-communication
  • Improve accountability by allowing your employees to have ownership of the results of their efforts
  • Employ a collaborative process that is effective with all communication styles
  • Set up a framework for collaboration

1. Mastering the Principles of Collaboration

  • Forms of collaborations
  • How to handle the obstacles to collaboration
  • When to collaborate
  • Principles of successful collaboration
  • The collaboration paradox

2. Becoming a Collaborative Leader

  • Key leadership styles
  • Best practices of collaborative leadership
  • Self-Assessment: Interpersonal Effectiveness Profile instrument: Identify your strengths and areas for growth

3. Building Collaborative Teams and Processes

  • Establish a collaboration charter
  • Create a culture of collaboration and a unified team
  • Assess colleagues on their collaboration skills
  • Foster the collaborative mindset
  • Guide your team through the stages of collaboration effectiveness
  • Create collaborative processes that get results
  • Generate trust of and buy-in to collaborating
  • Leverage collective intelligence to increase your level of effectiveness
  • Use collaborative process for problem-solving and idea generation

4. Enhancing Collaborative Communication

  • Develop key communication skills for effective collaboration
  • Use facilitation techniques to promote dialogue
  • Practice the language of collaboration
  • Use effective process to hold colleagues accountable
  • Know the nature of conflict and potential collaboration derailers
  • Use an effective process for collaborative conflict resolution
  • Self- Assessment: Dealing with Conflict instrument: Know your preferred style and how to turn conflict into collaboration

5. Using Collaborative Technology

  • Application of social media in collaboration
  • Practice uses of social media and technology to enhance collaboration

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