Advanced ABAP

Code: BC402v15

5 days

List Tuition : $3,000.00 USD

Course Overview

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In this course, you will acquire in-depth knowledge of advanced features of the ABAP programming language.

This course is based on software release SAP NetWeaver 7.40 SPS5.


  • C_TAW12_71 - SAP Certified Development Associate - ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.02
  • C_TAW12_731 - SAP Certified Development Associate - ABAP with SAP NetWeaver

  • Developer
  • Developer consultant
  • Write more robust ABAP programs
  • Assess ABAP programming techniques according to performance aspects and develop high-performance programs
  • Develop dynamic ABAP programs

1. ABAP Basics

  • Describing Packages and Program Types
  • Describing ABAP Data Types and Data Objects
  • Selecting Data from a Single Database Table with Open SQL

2. Program Calls and Memory Management

  • Calling Programs Synchronously
  • Describing the ABAP Runtime and Memory Management
  • Using Shared Objects

3. Statements, Functions, and Expressions for Simple Data

  • Explaining the Differences Between Statements, Functions, and Expressions
  • Using Numeric Data Types in Arithmetic Expressions
  • Processing Character Strings and Byte Strings Using Classical Options
  • Processing Character Strings and Byte Strings Using Functions and Expressions

4. Internal Tables

  • Using Standard, Sorted, and Hashed Tables
  • Using Special Techniques with Internal Tables
  • Using Data References and Field Symbols
  • Using Inline Declarations and Table Expressions

5. Dynamic Programming

  • Explaining the Dynamic Programming Techniques of ABAP
  • Using Dynamic Statements and Dynamic Calls
  • Using Generic Data Types
  • Describing Data Types, Data Objects, and Objects at Runtime
  • Creating Data Types, Data Objects, and Objects at Runtime

6. ABAP Open SQL

  • Describing the Technical Background of Database Accesses with Open SQL
  • Implementing Complex WHERE Conditions and Special INTO Clauses
  • Processing and Aggregating Datasets on the Database
  • Selecting Data from Multiple Database Tables
  • Explaining Additional Techniques for Reading from Multiple Database Tables
  • Accessing Large Objects (LOBs) on the Database
  • Using New Open SQL

7. Analysis and Testing

  • Defining and Activating Checkpoints
  • Using the ABAP Trace
  • Using the SQL Trace

8. Best Practices for ABAP

  • Avoiding Common Errors in ABAP Programming
  • Creating Readable and Easy-to-Maintain ABAP Programs
  • Optimizing the Runtime of ABAP Applications
  • Avoiding Slow Database Accesses

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