Six Sigma Black Belt

Code: 2209

8 days

List Tuition : $4,000.00 USD

Course Overview

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Black Belt is an extension of the Green Belt skillset. The topics presented are to extend the breadth and depth of methods across the various phases of the roadmap. Six Sigma Black Belt is 8 days of training for advanced process improvement leaders. This is a two-week program with a one-month break between the two weeks

The focus of the projects, at this level of proficiency, is typically on optimizing the process-establishing the best settings to maximize and provide predictable process performance.

Minitab software is required for training. When adding this class to your shopping cart, you must choose an option for getting Minitab: Download the 30-day free trial or purchase a deeply discounted version. If you purchase, you may choose either a one-year trial license that will expire and is not upgradeable (you must repurchase the software after the trial period) or a full perpetual license that never expires and is upgradeable.

Anyone interested in gaining advanced Six Sigma skills that would further your career or place you in a position for advancement in a Six Sigma environment

  • Advanced skills required to be a Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Review of Green Belt techniques
  • Steps required to complete Six Sigma projects with a focus on more complicated issues
  • Advanced Minitab software skills needed perform more complex statistical analysis

Week 1

  1. Week 1 and 2 Review Project
  2. Multiple Regression
  3. Advanced Mult-Vari
  4. Attribute Measurements
  5. Attribute Measurement Systems
  6. Sample Size Calculations
  7. Six Sigma for Service
  8. Managing Change
  9. Introduction to DOE
  10. Full Factorial Experiments
  11. Full Factorial Simulations
  12. Fractional Factorials Designs
  13. DOE Sample Size Selection
  14. In-Class DOE Project
  15. Project Planning and Deliverables
  16. Project Reviews Measurement

Week 2

  1. Design of Experiments Review
  2. Blocking in Experiments
  3. General Factorial Experiments
  4. Residual Analysis
  5. Non-Normal Data - Transformations
  6. Non-Normal Data in Experiments
  7. Sequential Experimentation
  8. Response Optimization Designs
  9. Multiple Response Optimization
  10. Transactional Improvements
  11. Simulations for Improvement
  12. Applied Experimentation
  13. Statistical Process Control
  14. Mistake Proofing
  15. Control Methods
  16. Project Closure and Synergy
  17. Class Project
  18. Integration of Lean
  19. Project Reviews
  20. Final Exam

Six Sigma Green Belt certification is required for this course

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