Six Sigma Master Black Belt

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9 days

List Tuition : $4,975.00 USD

Course Overview

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This two-week Six Sigma Master Black Belt training and certification program was created by to provide an advanced and focused approach to Six Sigma projects and statistical methods. It provides the training necessary to be a Six Sigma leader within any organization.

The program goes beyond traditional Black Belt skills and incorporates new tools regarding the study of variation, nonparametric analysis, destructive testing, multi-vari experiments, practical experimentation, handling attribute responses (above and beyond Freeman-Tukey), optimization experiments, advanced regression methods, handling multi-response experiments, distributional analysis, and advanced SPC methods.

Minitab software is required for training. When adding this class to your shopping cart, you must choose an option for getting Minitab: Download the 30-day free trial or purchase a deeply discounted version. If you purchase, you may choose either a one-year trial license that will expire and is not upgradeable (you must repurchase the software after the trial period) or a full perpetual license that never expires and is upgradeable.

Black Belt-certified individuals who are ready to take the next step and become a Six Sigma leader

  • High-level statistical knowledge
  • Elements used most often with Six Sigma projects
  • DMAIC roadmap
  • Statistical awareness required to lead four-week Black Belt programs
  • Capacity to deal with hard decisions with a straightforward approach.

Week 1:

  1. Master Black Belt Body of Knowledge
  2. Six Sigma as a Business Strategy
  3. DMAIC Roadmap and Project Coaching
  4. Variation and Variance Components
  5. Project Management and Selection
  6. Business Process Scorecards
  7. Advanced Control Charts
  8. Variance Components with Control Charts
  9. MSA Review with Destructive
  10. Advanced Attribute MSA
  11. Kappa MSA
  12. Sampling Revisited
  13. Distributional Analysis including Weibull
  14. Minitab 16 Tricks and Tips
  15. Non-Parametric Analysis
  16. Regression Review and Non-Linear Models

Week 2

  1. Regression Diagnostics
  2. Best Subsets Regression
  3. Collinearity and Regression
  4. Modeling Qualitative Variables
  5. Validating Models
  6. Fractional-Factorial Review
  7. Blocking and Design of Experiments
  8. Sequential Experimentation
  9. Foldover Designs
  10. Plackett Burman Designs
  11. Attribute Response Methods
  12. Optional Integration Lean Overview
  13. Optimization Designs
  14. Multiple Response Optimization
  15. Optional Formulation Designs
  16. Integrating Robust Experiments
  17. Experimental Planning
  18. MBB Presentations
  • Black Belt certification (you must provide a copy of your certificate)
  • You must have led or mentored at least 10 projects (at least one project must be in detail)
  • All other projects must be listed with information that includes

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