Angular Training

Angular Training

Angular is the answer when building complex mobile or web applications using Javascript. This open-source front end platform is maintained by Google and the user community. Recently released Angular 5 includes major file size reduction and better app performance. Whether you're looking to take advantage of the latest Angular 5 version or would prefer training in Angular 4 or 2, we have the course for you. View our complete course offering below

Angular Training Courses

Angular 5

Comprehensive Angular 5

Angular 4

Introduction to Angular 4

Advanced Angular 4

Comprehensive Angular 4 (Intro and Advanced Combined)

Angular 2

Introduction to Angular 2

Advanced Angular 2

Comprehensive Angular 2 (Intro and Advanced Combined)

Test-Driven Angular 2 Development

Angular JS

Introduction to AngularJS

Advanced AngularJS

Delivery Formats

There are three delivery formats for Angular 4 training:

  • Instructor-led Training Onsite: We bring the instructor to you, 3 student minimum
  • Virtual Team Training: We bring the instructor to you via WebEx, training is live and interactive, 3 student minimum. Training is recording and can be viewed back for up to one year.
  • Public Enrollment Schedule: View our schedule of classes and join!

Our Angular Customers Include

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Key Features

Receive engaging instructor-led training and guidance through labs allows you to, gain real-world skills while in a comfortable, ready-to-learn atmosphere. Our global training locations are strategically designed to ensure that have options for learning in many major cities across the globe. Experience our Angular subject matter experts, superior content and relevant hands-on labs

Our classes provide you nearly 50% hands-on labs that allow you to practice your skills and learn how to resolve real-world IT issues in our live lab environment.

Get engaging and impactful live, instructor-led training, regardless of your location. Our Virtual Classroom Live training combines premium learning technologies and our industry-leading instructors, content, exercises and peer collaboration to ensure that you get the highest quality professional development experience possible.

Increase your team’s efficiency in a private, coordinated professional development session at the location of your choice. Our Angular instructors will work with you to customize the course by pinpointing your unique specifications and quickly create a targeted, customized solution that meets your budget and schedule.

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