Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization with Exam

Code: RH319

5 days

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Course Overview

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In this course, you will explore the virtualization features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux managed through the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization suite. You will acquire the skills and knowledge to effectively create, deploy, manage, and migrate Linux and Microsoft Windows virtual machines hosted on either dedicated Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor nodes or Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager. With hands-on labs, this course is the perfect first step for any enterprise plan or execution of a virtualization deployment strategy.

This title is comprised ofRH318 andEX318. If you are not looking for private group training, the updated schedule can be found on theRH318 course page. You may also call your training advisor for more information.

  • Experienced Linux system administrators responsible for managing enterprise servers, who are interested in learning how to manage large numbers of servers or virtual machines using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
  • IT professionals interested in earning an RHCVA certification
  • Deploy Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization platform
  • Configure Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization environment (datacenters, clusters, and storage domains)
  • Install, manage, and troubleshoot virtual machines (servers and desktops)
  • Create virtual machine snapshots and explore high-availability options
  • Use templates for rapid virtual machine deployment
  • Secure Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization environment with multilevel administrative roles
  • Monitor and create custom reports
  • Back up and restore Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization environment

1. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

  • General virtualization
  • KVM concepts
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization platform

2. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager

  • Install, test, remove, and troubleshoot

3. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor

  • Install and configure
  • Upgrade and troubleshoot

4. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Environment Configuration

  • Creating and configure datacenters, clusters, and storage domains

5. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers

  • Install and perform basic management of virtual servers
  • Troubleshoot virtual servers

6. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Desktops

  • Install virtual desktops and configure paravirtualized drivers

7. Manage Virtual Machines

  • Create and use image snapshots, and explore high availability

8. Virtual Machine Templates

  • Create Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtual machines with template images

9. Desktop Pools and Users

  • Use desktop pools
  • Deploy the power user portal with multilevel administrative roles

10. Monitoring and Reports

  • Monitor Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and create custom reports

11. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Hosts

  • Manage virtual machines with Red Hat Network

12. Advanced Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

  • Performance-tune Linux hosts and guests
  • Back up and restore Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
  • IT professionals who have earned a RHCSA certification or maintain the equivalent experience with the Linux operating system
  • System administration experience on Microsoft Windows operating systems is beneficial but not requir

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